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Web Hosts Uptime and Performance Montitoring

sample uptime reportUptime is one of the most important things you should consider when looking for a web hosting provider. That's why we have created this service in addition to our main site for web hosting reviews .

Here you will find uptime statistics for most of the web hosting providers listed in our main site database. More web hosting providers are being added to the service on a regular basis. The service is completely free.

Current Outages Report (last 10 entries) - Oct 23 2017 GMT

(view full today uptime report here)
Web Hosting Company Last Outage
Last Check
Last check
Total outages
Oct 23 2017
FrontPages Web Hosting 06:32:01 18:02:02 Up 14 View
Cedant 06:32:01 18:02:02 Up 14 View
Protec Web Solutions Ltd 06:32:01 18:02:02 Up 14 View

Submit Your Website to Our Monitoring Service

If your web host is not listed in our Monitored hosts list, feel free to submit your site free of charge here . Usually, uptime statistics will be available for your host in 10-15 days as our system will need to gather some initial uptime data for graphical representation.

In case you wish to have your site removed from our monitoring service you can use the removal form here

The Technology Behind

uptime technologyWe verify each web host uptime by checking several sites hosted by that provider on a regular basis (2-4 times per hour). We run the checks from several geographic locations. If we have negative result from one location we compare the same sample to the other locations that we have and in case that 50% or more of the locations report the site to be up, then we consider the site as up and running. We use HEAD HTTP requests to monitor a site uptime. Once a day our system verifies if the site domain is still registered and if it is still pointed to the same web hosting provider. In case something has changed, the site is put temporary on hold for manual intervention. The HEAD requests are requesting only the response headers of a web server, and we actually only read the first line of the response so there should not be any bandwidth or server resources usage overhead for the monitored sites.

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