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Web Hosting Providers Uptime Monitoring Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What time zone are the results printed in?
A: All times are GMT +00:00

Q: How reliable are the results?
It is impossible to give 100% representation of a web hosting server uptime remotely. We monitor the uptime of the web server itself by sending a request to the server where a monitored site is hosted. We take samples twice per hour. A total of 48 samples per day for each monitored site. It is possible that some minor downtimes will not be detected by our system. However, in general the statistics will give an idea and will provide results that are relatively close to the real uptime of a given web hosting provider.

Q: What if a site is no longer hosted with a given webhost?
Once per day we check if the site is still active (e.g. domain not expired, etc). Also we check if the site is still resolving at the same IP address. In case a site IP has been changed or domain name expired it is being excluded from the results.

Q: What if your uptime location has connectivity problems and in this way reporting false outages?
We use several monitoring locations, each one located in a different network and geographical location. We record outage only if 50% or more uptime samples failed at a given time. In this way even if an uptime monitoring location is down it will not record an outage as its results are compared to the results of the other locations.

Q: Why some uptime graphs show different number of days compared to the ones you print on the page?
Uptime graphs are being generated once per day, while the other information on this site is showing almost real-time results, hence the differences in some numbers.

Q: Why the overall uptime and the number of days shown at your Hosting Reviews site(www.besthostratings.com) some times are different compared to the ones shown here at uptime.besthostratings.com?
A: The pages of our Web Hosting Reviews site are cached by our server for 24 hours. So it is possible that the number of days displayed there is lower than the actual number of days a webhost has been monitored. Also, the overall uptime of the webhosts that we monitor is being re-calculated once per day, which results in the differences observed.

Q: Why the graph for the current week on the monthly reports pages is not available?
Weekly uptime graphs are being generated once per week on Mondays.

Q: What if my host is not listed at your Web Hosting reviews site? Can I still submit my site for monitoring?
A: Yes, sure. We will check your host and will add it to our main site if needed. Just use the Add your site link from the navigation menu.

Q: How much traffic your monitoring service will consume by checking my site twice per hour each day?
A: We have designed our monitoring service to consume as little traffic as possible. Each request will use approximately 100-130 bytes per sample. This makes approx. 6KB (kilobytes) per day, 182KB per month and 2MB (megabytes) per year. So for a year, the uptime monitoring service will consume as much as if a single high quality photo has been downloaded from your site one time.

Q: Why you are not showing the real site domains/URL that are being monitored?
A: We respect your and our users privacy.

Q: I see you are asking for an email address upon submitting a site for monitoring. Will I receive notices by email when an outage is detected?
No, for now the system does not send out downtime notices.

Q: How can I remove my site from your uptime monitoring service?
A: Use the removal form here.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, recommendations or comments about the F.A.Q, you can contact us at  webmaster [at] besthostratings.com

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